Brown County Dog Park

This project was created to bring attention to the services that Brown County has for its residences. The Dog Park is one of the many recreational activities that Brown County provides. The goal was to attract dog lovers of all ages and get them and their dogs more outside play time and the opportunity to meet with other local dog lovers. Brown County Dog Park was created to bring pet owners outside and to bring awareness to the activities that are available to them. The website and app give pet owners the opportunity to connect, share and inform others of playdates, veterinary services, events and even the opportunity to share photos directly to social media. The app also makes sure that the pets and their owners are leading healthy lives by keeping track of walks and play time. A new logo, website and an app were created to work together to show the activities and opportunities for others to meet up and have fun with their dogs. I also created the app with the capabilities to show off their dogs across social media sites and within the dog community. Also available to the users are recommendations to local veterinary clinics, groomers, doggy daycare, community events and restaurants that are dog friendly.

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