RED Restaurant

RED Restaurant concept is based off of the drawings of Rube Goldberg, he was best known for his mouse trap styled contraption drawings. RED is full of fun and exciting things to do and see. RED is a family fun environment where the kids can play but the adults can also join in the fun. Filled with both kid and adult games and food this is the place where you come to play and stay to eat. RED was in need of a fun identity that will still reflect the talents of Rube Goldberg. The logo needed to be unique, exciting and show the movement that Rube Goldberg’s creations contain. The restaurant itself needed to be bright yet sophisticated to attract both adults and families. The final result was a unique logo that works well to define the love of Rube Goldberg and fun that all can enjoy. The logo translated well onto the website and within the restaurants décor and packaging. The website was created to easily view the menu and quickly make reservations. An app was also created for the kids to quickly download giving them the time to play and learn about Rube Goldberg.

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